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Lights Off

When the evening still has a dark hold on the house it blankets, and the silence is met with wondering cats and settling doors. Day’s morning is sitting on the front porch, pj’s and ponytails, slippers, and socks snuggly tucked away inside, in bed. Biscuits, griddle, and gravy start to …

On the Inside but the Outside

Walking down the suburban sidewalk uneven pavement pink bunny suit hopping over burnt earthworms. Eyes scanning, landing on the same red chair blown over where grass blades are parted, held down, unable to breathe, unable to talk. Blues skies blow down from up above, hair tangles face t…

Rods and Red

Photo by  Mohamed Nohassi  on  Unsplash I colored my daughter’s hair yesterday, I bleached some pieces around her face and then added fiery red. She liked it, at least her preteen self said she liked it, we’ll know for sure today. When I was twelve my mom took me to the JCPenney Hair Sa…


I’m a black splotch on the canvas of you grey blends in, I throw water at it, and it bleeds, runs, and turns into something, not beautiful, not interesting Something scary, dangerous It picks up speed Chases me right out of the room The room that you were in The room that we…

The Cedar Waxwing

Birds…so may birds. I could reach out and touch them. The birds with black masks, they notice they’re being watched and watch back with no fear or trepidation. Berries, the tree with berries is the one they can’t get enough of. Hopping from branch to branch, picking the best fruit, th…