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Dark hides behind those curtains. A single bird anticipates the day, others eventually join in. Soon the sun will show up, some will see it, some will miss it, some will despise it, and some will bask in it.

Morning, here she comes, quiet footsteps, soon to be out shone with the days delivery of heftiness and heavy hearts. 

Alarms sing a sad song of unrest as battled bodies roll over and up from forgotten slumber and sleep.

Face to window, you wish, to the day for it to take it away, take away the pain in the chest of the new, of the responsibility, again to get it right.

Pressure builds in the back as you rise and feel the silence of mornings secrets whispered in your ears. If only you could hear better. You reach for your robe and wrap it, tight, safely. 

You shuffle to the hallway and give time for your eyes to adjust. Slowly navigating through your home like a snail in unfamiliar territory, you finally find the kitchen and give it light.

Start with coffee, coffee or tea. Yeah-something to get right.

You raise the cup of coffee to sip, stillness fills the air and the sun slowly peeks through the curtains.