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The Teapot

We went outside and she shook her head. She didn’t want to be placed in the baby swing, so I sat her down, underneath the Mighty Oak Tree.

Her big sister was singing and swinging away on the tree, she gave us both a sweet smile, the kind that lingers in your head long after you look away.

The baby played in the dirt and instantly noticed the tiny fairy garden. Quickly, clumsily and with commitment in her eyes, she reached for a sign that read, “There’s nome place like home.”

Two seconds passed, two seconds too fast and the sign fell from her chubby little grip, landing right on top of a Fairy teapot below. The spout broke and fell to the ground.

She showed no feelings about the unfortunate event. And kept right on...moving on.
I picked up the pieces and set them aside.

The baby found two rocks and banged them together, proud, happy and content.

I looked around, it was a school day, but at the bus stop, there were no school buses, no backpacks, and no kids.

When it was time to go back inside, I scooped up the baby and signaled to her big sister that it was time to go in.

Together --

We walked inside, and the teapot laid alone, underneath the Mighty Oak Tree…in pieces.