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The Clearance Cart

Took a picture of my Blackberry bush today. No fruit yet, but he's hanging in there. He was a rescue. I found him in the clearance cart at Lowe's at the beginning of spring. 

Awww, the clearance cart...

There he was that day, standing all alone, no sun shining on his face. Just a few brown leaves drooping from some sad branches on a solo stem. 

Potential, I thought. 

He's such a different plant now, strong and confident, perhaps he's an introvert. Will take time for him to open up a bit more, then maybe berries...? 

Nostalgia brought the blackberry bush home with me. It reminded me of being a little girl and spending summers at my grandparents house in Texas. 

They're home was so different than mine. A little one bedroom house with a tiny kitchen and one bathroom. I always liked the feeling of being close to one another in their home. The washer and dryer were outside on the back patio. In the backyard there was a chicken coop, vegetable garden, peacock run and beautiful blackberry bushes growing alongside the fence. Their home was perfect, for the two of them. There was always so much life, so much hustle and bustle.

My grandfather raised peacocks, grew vegetables, burnt trash behind the house, shot armadillos with a BB gun and taught me how to drink coffee. My grandmother, took me to bingo nights at the VFW, garage sales, let me dress up in her high heels, taught me how to sew and knew how to dress from head to toe. 

Together they introduced me to wheel of fortune and rainbow sherbet, then at night, Grandpa would play records while grandma reluctantly danced with him. They had great smiles. They were magic. Magic that I thought would never end. But it did...

The clearance cart.

I never pass em' up.