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She disappeared

There was this car, across the street, parked outside our house. 

A woman put it there. 

Abandoned it. 

Not completely though. First time we saw her, it was the middle of the day.

We were heading out for a walk and standing at the foot of our driveway when we saw her. 

She didn't stop to visit, she simply needed something, something from her abandoned car. She took a few things, cradled them in her arms, shut the door... and left.

No look around, no eye contact.

No trepidation. 

Her back to us, we watched as she headed down the sidewalk, seamless and soakin' in the summer sun.

We trailed her. 

A few minutes later, she took a turn, walked over a hill and headed towards a another neighborhood.

Her stride sped up, crossed a busy intersection and disappeared.  

A few days passed and the car sat there, alone. Soon it had company, a banana peel and a poop on the hood of the car. 

It rained, the sun set, the moon rose, the stars came out, the sun rose, the days passed and the car remained. 

Then, the cops came, they looked at the car, slapped some stickers on it and left. 

They didn't look around either. 

Few days later, I saw her again, the woman. A man in a fast car pulled up, let her out and waited while she quickly took the stickers off the car window. And then, left. 

That car seemed to turn sad, day after day, with no where to go. cloudy afternoon, it all ended. 

We looked on from inside our house.

She talked to the tow truck driver for a bit and then watched as he slowly towed her car down the street.

She walked towards the man with the fast car, opened the door, hesitated to get in, turned her head, sunglasses on and gazed at our house. 

Then, she got in the passenger seat and...disappeared.