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So close to freedom.

I trapped a fly the other day.

In the kitchen, it was inside the window above the sink, 

between the glass and screen. 

He was gone, but still very much on my mind. 

Day after day.

I'd glance out the window,

And there it was.

Buzzing around,

Imprisoned, yet flying so close to freedom.

I'd forget,

Then be reminded.

Four to five days this went on, forgetting, seeing, remembering...then feeling guilty for having trapped the poor thing, but then not for having spared its life.  

And then one day a small miracle happened. 

My husband was outside. He was using the water hose below the window where the fly was. 

I tapped on the window to get his attention then pointed to the fly, motioning for him to lift the screen up. 

He did.

And then...the fly was gone. 

Just like that, he had been freed. 

"Man". I thought to myself, "I could've done that days ago."

I turned around to leave the kitchen and in the corner of my eye, I saw another fly.