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Driving along I64,

Staring at them all.

My eyes-

They get lost

they get taken by those tall Virginia pines.

It starts out with a few, than there are too many too admire.

They pull me in, pull me in quick

Needles at my back, arms and legs.

I tumble, turn, toss, find up then lose down

I'm in a hurricane of evergreen bouncing and being thrown from one tree to another

Playing with me like a ball.

I laugh, then they laugh and they all laugh again only louder and darker each time. 

I close my eyes and feel the warmth of the sun breaking through the tangled titan of branches and limbs

They stop.

I stop.

I lay still, on back

branches like a hammock

Face heating up from the heroic setting sun 

Eyes open-

My eyes

They get lost,

They get taken

they get taken.