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Library Man

He wanted it back

The paper.

The pen.

Her good time.

All of it-

The little girl took it from the library, the little thief!

And he was going to make, sure she wasn’t going to get away with it.


After checking out their books and heading towards the exit, the lady smiled at the man, it seemed he needed one.

And then, he begrudgingly nodded acknowledgement towards her way.

The lady lightly grabbed her toddler’s hand and headed for the door. “Time to go home”, she whispered.

“Mam,” he said. “Is that paper hers?”

“Oh,” the lady said, “she must’ve grabbed it.”

The lady took it from her little girl and the tot began to cry, loudly. Hairs began to raise.

He then asked, "Is that her pen?"

The lady hesitated, and appeared to be biting her tongue. She picked up her small daughter and begged for the little girl to give her the pen.

No luck.

The lady gently grabbed the pen and tossed it on the desk where another member of the self-named librarian PDs looked on. If the lady PD had popcorn, she would’ve been stuffing her face with it.

That little girl, what a thief.

So glad those people were there,

You know to make sure something so irreplaceable wasn’t, taken away…


what does a little girl need a paper and pen for anyway? To write? What a silly idea. What a silly, ridiculous, waste of dreams idea.


Library man, I hope she puts you in her book one day. You earned your place.

And when she signs all those books, all those pages-

I hope she uses all the paper and pens her brilliant heart desires.