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He went away one day.

And never came back.

I remember when I was young and he was young, we were at an amusement park.

With our family, it was a pretty alright day and then- it happened, again- something so insignificant, something so petty set him off


he turned into a monster. His head grew, his eyes became red, and his face disappeared. Green, loud, and mean. His big monster hands pushed me down.  I got up and ran, ran towards the bird sanctuary to get away.

I had never been so afraid 

of him.


The birds

those sweet birds,

they wiped away my tears and feathered away my pain.

I will never forget them. They told me secrets that I treasure to this day.


I don’t know…that monster came out quite a bit. Quite a bit over the years.

And then-

He went away one day,

And never came back.

When I see him again, I hope –

he never comes back.