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Something Beautiful

She turned to me as she hung up the phone.

“She always calls me when she’s driving”. The lady giggled. I gave her an awkward laugh and smiled, but she didn’t see me. We were hiding behind our masks, so I felt even more off guard than usual.

Your nice, I thought.

And She? I wondered who she was? Driving?

In her cart the lady had a small brown pedestal column, a few books, and a vase.  The noticeable find was a statue of a girl, a ballerina. It was about the length of the cart and statues expression was distant and quiet. Her arms reached high above her head while her body extended slightly back, and her feet pointed towards the ground. Her grace seemed forgotten and her dance, a sad one. She was not standing on a base, so I was curious to know how she would stand on her own.  

“You got a cool piece there”. I told the lady.

“I saw it and I just couldn’t leave it behind…she replied. She then turned away, moved up in line and put her items on the counter. The cashier complimented her on the statue. “Thank you”. The lady said, “isn’t it just beautiful”.

I watched her for a few moments, chat with the cashier, pay, then leave.


I suppose it was…beautiful.