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We stopped to look at them,

the parakeets

I was admiring their social skills

and in awe of their effortless energy.

That’s when I saw him.

He stopped to peak through the other side of the bird atrium,

A big man, he wore a blue Navy hat and a gentleness.

I had passed him in the store a few times already, each time maneuvering through a tricky spot, I’d scoot over for him to get by, and he would smile and kindly detour, saying “its okay”.

While staring into the atrium, I began thinking about all the parakeets my mother use to have when I was young, she loved those birds.

That’s when the man spoke,

“There are some beautiful ones in there today”.

I hadn’t noticed their colors until then.

And he was right, they were beautiful, blue with black smudged wings, green with yellow mysterious masks and white with blue painted feathers.

“My mother use to have parakeets when I was a kid,” he said.

“Mine did too”, I said quick with a connected smile.

I told him about the love birds, parrots and macaw she use to have as well,

But then, I quickly wished I hadn’t have mentioned all that, he smiled and liked what I had shared anyway.

We chatted a bit more and he turned to leave.

“take care”, I said.

“Merry Christmas”, he said as he walked away.

I was supposed to go to a different pet store that day but got mixed up and ended up in that one.

Now I know why.


To look at birds.