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I notice them, as they pass by, up there-

The Jets

I close my eyes

and feel the intangible weight and monstrous roar of their presence pulsating my eyelids,

The vibrations showering over me like jet plane rain.

Warm jet plane rain

by a fireplace

Wrapped tightly in a soft blanket

soft couch,

Something shining through

Alone in a room



Metal is moving out there, wheels whooshing and whizzing by

through the rain,

The jet plane rain-

Listening to it feels unpleasant, like having an emergency while trying to navigate a busy crowd

A crowd full of people,

holiday people,

Smiling, red sweaters, lots of bags in hand people

Racing, wondering, stopping-



All competing with time,


I sit

Warm and calm

Another jet passes by, and then a car,

and then the whispers of warm days left behind.

I sip my coffee,

skeleton mug,

roses as a crown,

I sit

And wait, and wait, then turn my head watching time stand still,

as I pass by.