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Tiny toes will grow into big toes one day

They will fit into big shoes

And go to big places

And see big things

But for today, those toes, will peak out from underneath the blanket and feel the warmth of sunshine upon them.


Tiny toes will go to extraordinary places one day,

They will get lost with sunsets

And be found with moonlight

They will dance in beautiful shoes and stay out until sunrise

But for today, those toes, will run around the house and chase the laughter that lingers the halls


Tiny toes will be weary one day

They’ll get stuck in mud

And will want to give up,

the feet,




Not one more step…stuck,


They will be pulled out, by tenacity

They will keep going, stride and strong, steadfast, and sturdy


Because those tiny toes walk inside shoes

Shoes with souls stitched from focus, bravery, pride, and persistence

A solid soul, a big places soul, a toes in the sunshine kind of soul.