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That Girl

 I thought I wanted to be like that girl.

The one in the middle of the dance floor, dripping of sweat, saturated in youth, beauty, and liberation

Her body hypnotized by music, it- pulsing through her veins, her- seductive dress, swaying, spinning, swirling, and twirling inside the darkness, darkness that days and years had blanketed over time while vulnerability and light peeked through tiny, covered holes.

I wanted to be like that girl. Hot and wild, on her own, in her own, spotlight on her, all eyes on her. Like a sunrise on a warm summer day, driving into the ocean surrounded by nothing but seagulls, sand, and solace

She runs to the water, laughing and jumping over the waves, dizzy and drunk from sea air. She stumbles and falls, fails to find her footing, the ocean not being kind, waves crashing all around her. The water washing over her, holding her, suffocating her. Gulping, wailing, pleading for relief, she slowly drowns, tears rolling down her eyes, each second almost taking her last breath.

Until…the lights go up and she stumbles to the door with him, any him, any who had been watching from the shore, waiting for her, wanting for her, to be rescued.

I thought I wanted to be like that girl.