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When the evening still has a dark hold on the house it blankets, and the silence is met with wondering cats and settling doors. Day’s morning is sitting on the front porch, pj’s and ponytails, slippers, and socks snuggly tucked away inside, in bed. Biscuits, griddle, and gravy start to waken up, to do their part, to feed their souls. Silent thoughts, taken over by dreams. Dreams inside dreams drifting in and out of floating highways, dizzy streets, and blurry headlights, flying, trying to forget yesterday. Yawns take over, busy minds, busy thoughts, thankless mornings meet each footprint upon the earth. Echoes fill the hallways as the sun makes her away around the corner. Corralling all her cattle, watching as they return to yesterday, to yesterday, done and put away left on the shelf, right where they put it. For all to enjoy.