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On the Inside but the Outside


Walking down the suburban sidewalk uneven pavement pink bunny suit hopping over burnt earthworms. Eyes scanning, landing on the same red chair blown over where grass blades are parted, held down, unable to breathe, unable to talk. Blues skies blow down from up above, hair tangles face tying ten tiny bows perfectly in a row.

Hard to see. Cannot see. There must be popcorn, gloves and glasses involved.

I fall to the ground landing on its bits of pop rock and candy corn now embedded in my knees. I leave them there. Crawling and clawing for some relief, a nearby tree grabs my arm. I grab it. I stand. It’s snowing all around me, soft white swirling petals interrupt the gaze between the tree and me.

“Strawberries will soon be growing strong this year dear, ”she whispers and gently unties the tiny bows from my face. We clasp hands twirling about, dancing, laughing, leaping, her launching me up and down until finally dipping me at the end. Body extending pose paired with massive back bend arch.

I wait for applause, no applause, only very busy bumble bees buzzing by.

I stand, composed. Smile and bow. She bows back, grins, her branch extending gracefully with a basket and a gentle nudge. I walk home, never looking back, while my basket slowly starts to sing.